No IT support required

Chatbots convert website visitors into leads

Creating a bot is surprisingly simple; just drag 'n drop components to the
canvas, then publish your bot in 3 quick steps.

Name your new chatbot

Choose a bot

Based on the nature of your business, load a chat template or build one from scratch. Once done, give it a name, and voila!

Teach your chatbot

Train your bot

Teach just like you'd train new staff. The bot engine then interprets messages and learns to hold smooth conversations.

Go live on your website

Launch the bot

Once the bot is trained, publish it. It'll soon chat naturally with your prospects, just like a person would.

Here's why you should create a website chatbot with enrol Chatbot with enrol

Chatbot and live chat weaved together

Chatbot & live chat weaved together

With a hybrid bot, your customers can enjoy a seamless transition between automated feedback and live interactions on your website through rapid response times and personalised service.


Build lead generation funnel with chatbots

Do you know that half of your website visitors leave your website in the first five minutes and never come back? How do you ensure their questions are answered without delay?

Your website is similar to your physical store. You need someone to attend to those prospective customers who visit your store.

By having a conversational chatbot, you can engage prospects in a conversation as soon as they land on your website. Chatbots do not need a break! You can rely 100% on the chatbots to generate leads all day, answer queries, meet urgent requirements, sell products, and nurture relationships smartly.

Finding leads to helping your existing customers
Segment chat users

Track, segment, and engage with every lead or customer

Filter your leads and customers based on the actions they do or don’t take on your website. Group them into live segments based on the frequency or level of engagement.


Live chat customer service; hold conversations with 1000s of visitors all-day

Don’t you sometimes wish you had customer service staff offering straight talk chat support services all-day?

Now you can – without actually hiring anyone. A human chat agent can only handle a maximum of 2 chats at a time. But a smart chat support bot can handle 1000’s of customers simultaneously. Moreover, a bot works 24 hours a day against 8 hours spent by staff.

Live chat customer service
Business systems via API

Integrate with your backend business systems via API

Yes, enrol bot can talk to your backend business systems so that a chat user can get whatever information he seeks, E.g., a patient seeking an appointment with a doctor, a customer checking shipment delivery, etc.

Increase sales, Reduce cost,
Scale-up customer support

Explore how artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) powered enrol bot
integrated with a fleet management platform helps fleet owners.

How do you ensure their questions are answered without delay?

Nearly half of your website visitors leave your website in the first 2 minutes and never come back.
As soon as they land, let a chatbot engage with them in a conversation and guide them.

Your website visitor Welcome

your website visitor
Put your best foot forward always by reaching out to visitors proactively with personalized welcome messages.

Him her in Conversation Engage

him/her in Conversation
A personalized experience for everyone with tailored responses to their questions. When the topic calls for it, hand the conversation over to a live chat representative who can pick up right where the website Chatbot left off.

Him her to a loyal customer Convert

him/her to a loyal customer
Personalization can help you convert your visitors into customers. With a balance of conversational smart bots and AI, you can make prospects feel like they are interacting with a salesperson helping them order, purchase or schedule meetings easily.

Delight him her forever Serve

and delight him/her forever
Not only can a smart chatbot help you save costs of support, but it can also boost the experience for your prospects and customers substantially. A chatbot works 24/7 without a minute’s rest. No human can ever hope to match that.
Answered without delay

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