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The Enrol AI chatbot is released for
a limited number of users.



Build your own chatbot, automate support services.

Create chat response scenarios with less effort. Continue to automate with advanced scripts and enrich data based on your customers' answers.


Conversational AI

Delight your customers with a human-like conversational chatbot. Provide support services, and perform user-requested actions like book an appointment, buy your product, check order status etc.


Serve more customers

Combine chatbot with marketing and sales automation to put your customer journey on autopilot.


Integrate via API

Leverage your value-added backend business services (via API) for user engagement and quick responses.


Warm-up, convert your leads and engage them forever.

Respond to your prospects or customers, provide automated support on your website or your app without the need for any technical knowledge or AI expertise.


Generate leads via chat

The chatbot engages your leads along with a human-like conversation. It can initiate conversations, ask questions, offer value, warm-up before passing it over to the inside sales team.


Render business services via chat

Connect with your backend systems once via API's, and re-use them in any conversation flow with your customers. E.g., Truck owners chat up with AVLView bot to gather fleet operational metrics without the need to check the fleet management dashboard.

Track, segment, and engage with every lead or customer.

Filter your prospects or customers on the fly by the actions they do or don't take in your app. Group them into live segments based on the frequency or level of engagement.


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Let enrol chatbot take over your 1st level support and marketing services from your staff. Submit your information for early access to the platform.

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Our Pricing Plans.

Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of both beginners and players. Get the right plan that suits you.


Limited features

/ month


Starter + other features

/ month

Initially, 2 plans are offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the top questions we got from our prospects in the past few days. Please read our responses to each one of them. If you still have questions, please Contact us.

Enrol is a collection of tools for savvy business owners. The tools include chatbot, knowledgebase and process engine. Access to these tools, however, is limited to the plan that one subscribes.

Enrol app is to offer five different plans (Starter, Regular, Plus, Premium and Max) based on a set of features or tools. However, for now, only two plans (Starter and Regular) are available for subscription. The other plans would soon be released.

Enrol chat is a live chatbot that can interact with those who visit your website or access your business services.

It is an NLP (Natural Language Process) based bot, has the conversational and messaging capabilities inbuilt. Meaning, it can hold up human-like conversations with any number of customers simultaneously.

People in business, professionals, may subscribe and let a chatbot engage with their prospects or customers 24/7. And take the hassle out of managing customer engagement and focus on what they are passionate about. As the business or service grows, there is a need for an intelligent bot that will handle first level support or marketing tasks more efficiently.

Typically enrol can pretty much do (e.g., repetitive tasks) what humans can do at scale. It can handle membership management, online booking, lead management, payment processing, appointment scheduling, reporting, and other administrative tasks.

Enrol chatbot interacts with those who visit your website or access your business services. It's like having a group of lead qualifiers, customer service staff, marketing or sales team who doesn't sleep but answers questions and engages your customers 24/7. Your chatbot can handle 100s of simultaneous support requests at a time. Isn't that great?