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enrol made it possible for anyone to build, customize and publish
a chatbot in a few simple steps.

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Train your chatbot

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Here is a simple chatbot platform that we built for you. Sign up for free, create your first chatbot and play with it.

  • Get full access to the chat platform
  • Build up to two demo chatbots
  • No credit card required
  • No auto-charge for the demo bots
Sign up for free
Give chatbot a name

Create a bot and name it

Creating a new bot is easy; you may either build a bot from scratch or choose from chatbot templates relevant to your industry.

  • It is a handy label that gives bot a personality
  • It is quite a visible aspect of your bot’s ‘brand identity’
  • It confers a measure of importance and a sense of ‘team identity’

Train the bot

Every new employee needs a job orientation, so does a chatbot. Your chatbot is your frontline staff, which often is the first touchpoint with your prospects or new customers. So train it well.

  • Train based on your buyer persona
  • Categorize user requests based on your operational depts
  • Train with pre-built or new dataset
  • Run a test preview and fine-tune the dataset
Build chatflows and train
Publish your chatbot

Publish and go live

If you like what you see, subscribe and launch it on your website. It’s that simple.

  • It is a handy label that gives bot a personality
  • It is quite a visible aspect of your bot’s ‘brand identity’
  • It confers a measure of importance and a sense of ‘team identity’

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some top questions we get and our responses.
If you still have questions, please contact us.

enrol is a collection of tools for savvy business owners and professionals comprised of our chatbot, knowledge base, and process engine.

The chatbot is released and is in production. The other tools, knowledge base and process engine will be released soon access to each tool is determined by the plan that one subscribes to.

enrol chat is a live chatbot that can interact with those who visit your website or access your business services. It is an NLP (Natural Language Process)-based bot and has conversational and messaging capabilities inbuilt. This means it can hold up human-like conversations with any number of your prospects or customers simultaneously.

The chatbot engages with your prospects or customers 24/7. It takes the hassle out of managing customer engagement and let you focused on what you are passionate about. As your business or service grows, there is a need for an intelligent bot that will handle first-level support or marketing tasks more efficiently.

The bot can pretty much do (e.g., repetitive tasks) what humans can do at scale. It can handle membership management, online booking, lead management, payment processing, appointments, reporting, and other administrative tasks.

enrol chatbot interacts with those who visit your website or access your business services.

It's like having a group of lead qualifiers, customer service staff, marketing and sales representatives who don't sleep but answer questions and engaged your customers 24/7.

Your chatbot can handle hundreds of simultaneous support requests at a time. Isn't that great?

enrol app offers 3 plans (Starter, Enhanced, and Custom) based on a set of features or tools.

The Enhanced plan includes all Starter features, plus:

  • - Three staff have access to the platform;
  • - A maximum of 15000* unique users tracked;
  • - Keeps historical chat data for 1 Year;
  • - 9 API Touch points;
  • - The removal of enrol's branding;
  • - Segmentation of leads and users;
  • - Advanced analytics (coming soon);
  • - Customer relationship management integration (coming soon);
  • - Other notable plugins - Salesforce, etc... (coming soon);

We will add more features to the Enhanced plan soon!`

The pricing tier is automatically chosen based on your intended growth. When your resource use grows, we adjust the total monthly price accordingly, so you only pay for what you use.

You can find your monthly invoices in the settings -> Subscriptions & billings section.

We will charge your credit card once you decide to publish your chatbot and activate your subscription. The charge will be based on the plan you choose.

It means a visitor to your website or your software platform who initiates a chat session.

No, you will not get a refund.

If you choose to cancel your subscription, your plan will remain active for the remainder of the month, until your next Payment Date. You will not get charged again once the plan expires.